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This question is bound to surface at some point, "what's the website for?". The answer is kind of simple, but let me explain.

Special Items

  • We all know there are certain things that you can purchase in our store. But there's more to our brands than what we carry, and we'd like to show you all they have to offer! (Coming Soon)

Home Improvement Ideas

  • Moving forward, we'd like the website to not only expose you to everything offered by our brands. We'd also like to help you with tips and tricks for improving your home!

Tips & Tricks

  • The kinds of tips & tricks we'd like to give you vary. From how to make your Living Room look nice again, to replacing an outlet in your home. big or small, we'll help you out!

We plan to be a destination for assistance and brilliant ideas, not only locally and in-store, but online as well!